Customized solutions

Dismuntel makes available to the customer the extensive experience, know-how and professionalism of our entire team of engineers R+D, as well as our resources, technical means and facilities, for the devolpment of the most demanding and innovative products required by the client. Only our own experience, combined with good human capital can result in our engineering department.

Disponemos de un area de pruebas separada para controlar todos y cada uno de los componentes que fabricamos, para asegurar así que se cumplen los máximos estandares de calidad. Seguridad eléctrica, compatibilidad, prestaciones, ensayos de envejecimiento o pruebas de esfuerzo son algunos de los test que todos nuestros equipos deben pasar satisfactoriamente.

Action plan


Our engineering department fully develops the product. From the conception in the hardware area to the human-machine software interface ... passing through the firmware department in order to provide the necessary programming to the device. This is how Dismuntel manages to deliver a 360º product and key-in-hand to the customer.


Once all the safety requirements have been met and to complete the testing phase, we generate a prototype of the device for testing in a real scenario and check its developing and reliability. Thus, the client can see the advances step by step in the product before it is delivered, so they can validate that the functionalities match 100% their requirements.


Our quality department is on top of each and every project developed within Dismuntel, ensuring that they meet with the regulations, specifications, certifications and privacy and / or security clauses necessary for the device to enter the market. with the highest quality.


The hardware department is the first to receive the client's requirements to proceed with the design of the device.


The Firmware team is responsible for providing the relevant programming to the board and the components of the device.


Our software partner A.G.C. is responsible for 100% of the developments; is a company specialized in remote management and software for industry 4.0

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